Free Country Review Quotes

“Harrison’s arrangements are particularly elastic, finding new strains of elegaic grace and wild anxiety, tender comfort and enduring sadness…he doesn’t remove structure, he removes stricture.”
– Marty Hughely – The Oregonian

“Norah Jones adds her soft drawl to a somber, soulful reading of Johnny Cash’s I Walk the Line and an equally adventurous Tennessee Waltz. But by the time this transcendent record is over, you nearly forget Jones was even on it. Harrison has created a grand tribute to divergent musical genres, which he shows have more in common than anyone would have guessed.”
– Marcus Croder: Sacramento Bee

“This is a blend of styles that mesmerizes in its mix of blues, jazz, country, and sparse orchestrations; sophisticated and engaging.”
– Jazzscene (4 and a half star review)

“From the first note Harrison shows that American traditional and country music can swing in a Jazz context… his guitar solos are straight from the heart- pure sweat…”
– Biloxi Sun Herald

“This is the creative step beyond Bill Frisell’s omnistyle Appalachian melt… a wild, willful, and often beautiful jazz journey.”
– Jeff Simon: Buffalo News

“Harrison, a terrific guitarist, finds jazzy and spacious new depths in this mesmerizing release.”
– Village Voice

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