joel harrison

Joel Harrison at Mississippi Studios.

My goal on the new CD, Angel Band, is to arrange country and Appalachian music for a jazz group in new and unusual ways. I’m conscious of both moving forward and staying true to the elemental soul of the songs, where old stories are told by modern, protean players. Or as a friend once put it, “Downtown meets the heartland.”

An angel is defined as an attendant and benevolent spirit. Perhaps we musicians are entrusted to act as such. This is, of course, a serious task, and yet the beauty of these tunes is they encourage us not just to meditate and grieve but also to laugh and dance.


A new collaboration with three Telecasters! The Spellcasters, from my hometown, Wash. D.C., celebrating the legacy of Danny Gatton, Roy Buchanan, and other great players at the crossroads of jazz, country, rock, etc. It’s rip roaring fun music. With Joel Harrison, Anthony Pirog, Dave Chappell: Guitars, John Previti: Bass, Barry Hart: Drums


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