Alternative Guitar Festival #3- 2013

Here is info for AGF: see for a trailer of all the artists.

7:30 pm

Guitarist and composer Andrew McKenna Lee performs his “Sunrise from the Bottom of the Sea” — a psychedelic homage to Jimi Hendrix for solo electric guitar and electronics — as well as other smaller works for solo nylon string guitar. Andrew McKenna Lee’s music has been commissioned and programmed by ensembles and organizations including the Brentano String Quartet, eighth blackbird, Kroumata, Concert Artists Guild, the American Composers Orchestra, the New Jersey Symphony, and the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

“An astoundingly virtuosic guitar player… and far more importantly… a thoughtful and original composer.” – Jayson Greene, eMusic


Joel Harrison will perform three brief pieces from his 1970 Project, which is dedicated to radical re-compositions of songs written in that watershed year, where jazz, rock, country, psychedelia, and minimalist new music were careening into simultaneous convection. Featuring Jerome Harris (bass) and Rudy Royston (drums)

8:30 pm

Elliott Sharp will present the premiere of Ile Tigre Lily, a tribute to Gyorgy Ligeti and Terry Reilly, two composers who were high among the pantheon of E#’s key influences. Ile Tigre Lily is composed for three electric guitars and will be performed by E# with Cristian Amigo and Angela Babin.  It will be an algorithmic composition that mixes both predetermined material with instruction sets for the players.  E# has worked with such systems for many years and there are links to methods employed by both Ligeti and Reilly.

“An avant-garde, mad-scientist, guitarist supreme, who also plays soulful blues and composes with enormous originality and skill.” – Allmusic

9 pm

Wolfgang Muthspiel will perform improvisations on solo guitar, partially using loops. Early influences of classical music and later influences of improvisation and jazz will be equally present.

“Wolfgang Muthspiel is a shining light of the contemporary jazz-guitar generation.”
 – The New Yorker

9:45 pm

Brandon Seabrook, feat. Johnny Deblase (bass), and Allison Miller (drums) will play new songs for guitar trio influenced by the work of Marty Friedman and Captain Beefheart.

New York’s Best Guitarist: Village Voice 2012
”Thrillingly disorienting” – JazzTimes

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