Absurdities in the TOP TEN pix

Sun., Jan 23- 7:30 pm
Joel Harrison “String Choir” CD RELEASE SHOW!
The music of Paul Motian

String Choir includes (string quartet) Chris Howes, Sam Bardfeld, Tanya Kalmanovitch, Dana Leong,(guitars) Liberty Ellman and Joel Harrison.

Joes Pub: 425 Lafayette Street, New York, NY (212) 539-8778

To all editors of all publications like the New York Times, Village Voice, and Time Out NY who do “Top Ten of the Year” picks:

I like all kinds of music, not just jazz, lord knows. But I just read Time Out NY’s top ten list. There is a whole separate section for classical and cabaret(!). None for jazz. In fact, out of 50 cds chosen by, presumably, mostly pop critics, ONLY THREE were jazz. What does that mean? Perhaps that Jazz sucks and pop is great? I don’t necessarily blame the writers…perhaps the owners/ publishers of these outfits just think jazz sucks, or they still believe, contrary to an Everest of evidence, that jazz and pop music are…the same. Even the dear old Times slots jazz and pop together quite often. Can someone explain this to me? Dear editor, these musics really ARE different in content, mission, and practice. In general I don’t mind these yearly round ups- sometimes I catch a cd I missed. I will say, though, that this 10 best composers of all time by Anthony Tommasini is…ridiculous. It’s like Guitar Player’s 100 best guitarists of all time. One cringes in disbelief. How bout ten best living unknown composers? That would make an interesting read.

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