1960 Fender Telecaster

This is one of the most magnificent guitars ever made. The bridge pick up is warm and full enough for any kind of jazz, while the neck pick up screams bloody murder when you step on it. It is tremendously beat up, looking like it was left in a barn for 12 years. I had Flip Scipio refret it. This Telly is simple, direct, subtle if need be yet warlike too. I have used it on bar gigs for Blues and Country for which it has no parallel. I also did some slide work on Passing Train, trying to give it a pedal steel sound. I’ve used it for solo jazz pieces. What I can’t really do on it is play with the type of facility that I have on a Gibson. The shape of the neck, and the scale make it a little harder for me to get around, so it is left at home for a lot of hard core jazz gigs. I grew up in Washington D.C. with Danny Gatton as a huge influence. Everytime I pick up my Telly I think of him.

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