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Sunday, Dec. 18th @JV’s in Falls Church VA
w/ Anthony Pirog, John Previti, Barry Hart and guest Dave Chapell
Telecaster Armageddon!

Mon., dec. 19 @ Bertha’s in Baltimore
Same group minus Dave Chappell

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Spirit House

Price: $15.00

Spirit House

Featuring: Joel Harrison (guitar/compositions/arrangements), Cuong Vu (trumpet), Paul Hanson (electric and acoustic bassoon), Kermit Driscoll (upright and electric bass), and Brian Blade (drums), this unique ensemble recorded as the culmination of a west coast tour. The name "Spirit House" comes from miniature structures used in East Asian societies as a shelter for the deities, a home of sorts for those invisible forces that guide the visible world. That idea seemed the very definition of an empathetic music ensemble.