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String Choir

Price: $15.00

Album Song Clips

It Should Have Happened a Long Time Ago
Cathedral Song
Drum Music

The Music of Paul Motian

String Choir includes string quartet and two guitars, featuring (string quartet) Christian Howes, Sam Bardfeld, Mat Maneri, Dana Leong, (guitars) Liberty Ellman and Joel Harrison.

String Choir is a unique ensemble simultaneously drawing on skills required of classical, jazz, and folk traditions. I have arranged the music of legendary jazz drummer Paul Motian. His thirty years of composing, especially for his trio with Joe Lovano and Bill Frisell, has yielded a remarkable number of highly original tunes. His singular, under-appreciated sound is at once quizzical, playful, melancholy, and fierce. I arranged his pieces according to my own vision, yet trying to capture Paul’s elusive, beguiling approach to drumming and writing. It is highly unusual for a string ensemble to function in this way, moving back and forth between spontaneity and formal notation, calling for group and individual solos, as well as all manner of expressive string techniques. It is certainly a jazz group, as all the players are improvisers, but it is unique one indeed- both lyrical and avant-garde, deeply beautiful, and unpredictable.

“I love the sound and concept”
– Paul Motian

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